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Asian Hate: An Unreasonable Idea

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

By: Phuriwat Sangkasanee

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, humanity has suffered greatly. Additionally, this event has led to an unfortunate curse upon Asians. Numerous qualities one possesses as an individual can be wiped away so simply from deductive assumptions. From one individual leaking the coronavirus to the whole Chinese community being discriminated against, and now to the whole Asian population being viewed in a negative light, Asian hate got worse over time. A viable question is, how did Asian hate start? According to CGTN News, racial discrimination against Asians has always been prominent following the 1850s after the first batch of Asian immigrants arrived in the United States. A key term to note is “white supremacy”, which is a belief prominent during the 19th century. The term exemplifies how whites are superior to any other race.

The spread of the coronavirus simply exacerbated the situation.

Some former influential characters supported white supremacy, which inevitably delusionalized many people into thinking that all other races are inferior. It is also possible that the start of Asian hate before the pandemic occurred from the jealousy of white people, knowing that they would soon have foreigners inhabiting their land.

The real question is whether someone’s identity defines their values?

Does, for instance, Barack Obama being a mixed-race negate his qualities as a president of the United States? Why do people define others by their skin color or race? Aren’t we all ultimately conscious minds who each have their qualities, stuck in a meat suit?

There is no biological evidence suggesting that Asians are inferior. So what was the point of the Asian hate movement? Are people just frustrated that the world has been significantly affected by the pandemic, thus taking on the anger on “the people who caused it”? Many people like to deductively assume that one individual’s doing makes a whole continent responsible. Just because someone from a certain group did something wrong, doesn’t mean everyone else from the group is wrong.

The hate is not just racist, but also very unfair because it isn’t anyone's fault when they become the carrier of the virus (unless they purposely catch the virus, a non-related case in this discussion).

Viruses infect and reproduce. They also take on other cells and reproduce in them. It is a normal cycle for viruses. They inject their DNA/RNA into the host cell and "take control of" the host. This would mean that they are using our cells to produce more of their replicates inside us. A host of the virus can spread the virus easily to any other individual via any method like coughing or sneezing. This cycle continues on and on. Many couldn’t accept the spread of the coronavirus and began blaming Asians for it, but this isn’t an acceptable solution. If a healthy society is hoped for, each individual must cooperate and treat each other fairly.


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